Information about camp

Message for parents

At Tallebudgera Beach School we understand that while camp is a rewarding and exciting time for students, it can be a worrying time for parents and carers. We hope that you will find the following information useful and comforting.

Personal belongings

Throughout the week students participate in a variety of water based activities (body boarding, surf awareness etc) and land based activities (teamwork, adventure based challenges, etc). As laundry facilities are extremely limited, parents are requested to send enough clothing for the entire camp.

Children must bring the following items to comply with program needs

CLOTHING“Must be clearly labelled with waterproof ink” Pyjamas, Warm jumper or jacket, Raincoat, Socks, Shorts, T-Shirts, Underwear, Swim wear and clothes for the evening program, Hat with full brim is essential for adequate sun protection. Due to the nature of the outdoor program sun protection is of utmost importance. Singlets and sleeveless tops will be deemed unsuitable for camp. Tallebudgera Beach School employs the ‘No Hat No Play’ policy
BEDDING 2 sheets, 1 pillow /pillowcase, blanket / sleeping bag.
No sleeping bags during summer without sheets.
TOILETRIES Brush / Comb, Soap, Washer, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, 2 Towels, Lip Balm, Deodorant. No aerosol cans of any kind.
FOOTWEAR 2 pairs of closed in Sandshoes, one pair readily available to be used for water-based activities ie. Sailing and / or canoeing. Sandals are not suitable in this situation, as the foot is not entirely enclosed. Sandals or thongs for general wear around camp.
MISCELLANEOUS 1/2 dozen pegs, water bottle, back pack for excursion, pen and colored pencils. 30+ Sunscreen is an essential item.


Food and valuables

Lollies and unwanted foodstuffs in the cabin area can attract unwanted insects and vermin, which may lead to health and hygiene problems. Please do not allow your children to bring any food to camp.

We strongly discourage students bringing any valuable items such as watches, jewellery, phones, torches, computer games, MP3 players or money to camp as they may be easily lost, damaged or stolen. Tallebudgera Beach School takes no responsibility for such items and will remove them from the possession if students if found.

Special arrangements

It is required that parents write a covering letter to the Principal of the Beach School if any additional arrangements concerning your child are deemed necessary. This would apply to travel, health, food, any custody issues, visitors to camp expressing guardian permission, early departures, absences from camp, physical activities, swimming and other matters.

Tallebudgera Beach School refund policy

Tallebudgera Beach School invoicing system is based upon full group numbers of students attending camp. Unless previous arrangements have been made, students arriving late or departing early, need to forward a request for refund directly to Tallebudgera Beach School. The request must be in written form outlining name, school group, date, time and reason for departure

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding the Beach School procedures or operations please do not hesitate to contact the camp co-ordinator at your child’s school who can contact the Beach School if necessary. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. We trust that your child’s stay shall be a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Strict safety procedures for the various activities have been developed and are explained to the children on arrival at the Beach School and again before each activity is undertaken. Trained and highly qualified staff supervise all activities. Personal Flotation Devices / Buoyancy Vests must be worn for all relevant water based activities. During surf related activities safety equipment is on hand (Eg. rescue tubes, rescue boards, first aid kits, mobile phones, etc) and teachers are in the water with the students. Our teaching staff are required to attain and update a wide variety of accreditation including the following where necessary:

  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Advanced Resuscitation Certificate
  • Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion
  • Canoeing Qualifications
  • Child Protection Training
  • Motor Boat Licence
  • Restricted Coxswains Certificate

IMPORTANT! – If your child has any of the following conditions, please download and complete the relevant form(s):

Correspondence during camp

Camp provides a unique opportunity for the personal growth of students on camp. The camp experience encourages students to grow toward increased independence and self confidence. Home sickness is handled in a sensitive and supportive manner by camp and visiting staff with a focus on the enjoyable aspects and growth goals of the camp experience.

Students are encouraged not to dwell on thoughts of home which fuel the homesickness. Parents will be contacted if usual management practices are not successful. Parents are encouraged to restrict contact with their children during camp to allow maximum growth opportunities. Birthday messages by fax or email will be passed on to students as soon as possible once received. Should there be specific or emergent circumstances that warrant contact during camp please contact the Beach School Administration.

The Beach School Crew